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Ukulele Kids Goes to Camp

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Ukulele Kids Goes to Camp

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Encourage and grow children's musical skills and talents by bringing Ukulele Kids to your camp.

Why Summer Camps?

Camp is a great place for kids to learn in a nurturing environment. We all understand the importance of the Arts and performing. What better place to show off some newly acquired musical skills than at a variety show or campfire.

Why the Ukulele?

  • It's inexpensive, portable, quick to learn and easier to play than a guitar.
  • Kids can sing and play at the same time (unlike the recorder) around a campfire
  • It's a great way to learn camp songs and music from all over the world.
  • And by the way,****It's FUN !!****

How does the program work?

One of our professional instructor will visit your camp and in  50 minute sessions will work with campers in groups of 20. Through our discussions you can decide to choose which section, cabin groups or individuals should participate. Once you and I have agreed on the details such as date and times, the rest is up to us. We would even expect  the performers to do a song or two at the evening campfire that night!

Enrich your activity program this summer with a visit by Ukulele Kids to your Camp.