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What Principals, Parents and Kids Are Saying…


Hi There,
I know the program ended a few months ago, but I've been meaning to write to let you know how wonderful I think your program is and wanted to thank you for your support with your scholarship program.
They both had so much fun and continue to play their Ukulele's over the summer, especially when we get together with family or camping. The best thing is watching them support each other while playing and watching them learn from each other. Thank you so much and hope you have a wonderful summer.


Mrs. Janina W.
aka Plum Tree Park Parent

Hi Marianne!

Just wanted to let you know how awesome our assembly went this morning!  It was so great to have both Will and Brian here. They came early to tune the ukuleles and organize the students for the performance. Both stayed for the duration of the assembly and took the time to go and congratulate each student on their hard work.  It meant so much to the students and parents who came for the performance. What great instructors!

We are most definitely interested in starting back up again in the fall - as soon as possible - and if we can, we'd like to request that Will and Brian return to Seneca Trail.  Both are patient, fun, energetic and understanding.  We'd love to have them back with us in September!

 Thanks again,


Thank you so much for such a nice program!
My son Emiliano (grade 3) plays piano quite well and he is enjoying the ukulele so much. He plays ALL the time and EVERYDAY after school. I wonder if you guys have any guitar classes or you could recommend someone?
Thanks a lot

Paula Zavala

I would like to take the time and thank your organization for offering this program to schools. It’s a good change from the regular lunch and play in the school yard, having the kids not only do something constructive, but learn a new skill/talent.



Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for all you are doing to teach my daughter, and others, this wonderful instrument! I was beyond amazed just how much Eryn learned in her very first lesson! She came home and showed her father and I her ukulele and all it's different parts. She practised the song they had been introduced to and she even showed us how she has to tune the ukulele herself! Quite the cute little song that they know in order to see if it's in tune or not! Thanks again!

Parent, Bells Corners PS, Ottawa.

Ukulele kids was an amazing experience everyone should have.
I was so immersed into Ukulele Kids I bought 2 ukuleles with my own money.
I highly recommend Ukulele Kids for your children.
- B. Crossley - Elkhorn Public School Student

What a class act your Ukulele Kids were this evening! When the Saints and Jingle Bells performed so beautifully Thanks for introducing our boys to the uke! They are so proud to perform for their friends and family!
- R. Paletta - St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School

Thank you Geoff! Your trio was wonderful!!!!!! It truly brought tears to my eyes; it was beautiful music. Thank you for your careful and thoughtful instruction with William; he has benefitted greatly from these ukelele lessons. We hope you continue in the New Year. All the best for 2016 to you and Rochelle! Your hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!!!
- Nicole Farrar

​I thank you very much for your teaching ukulele to my son, Mahiro. He really enjoyed the class and playing in the winter concert as well. He would like to continue the class for the next term.
– Toronto Parent

What a great concert! “You Are My Sunshine” was terrific! I know Lizzie had a lot of fun...I think everyone did. Thanks for all your great teaching! Are you returning in the fall?
– Toronto Parent

We were just wondering if you will be returning to (school)? Jeremy really enjoyed your classes.
– Toronto Parent

Glad she's able to participate again - she really enjoys learning how to play. In fact, she's teaching me.
– East York Parent

Grace develops a strong interest in Ukulele. She shares her music with us at home quite often. Elizabeth is excited to attend the class. Please count her in. Thanks.
– East York Parent

We are thrilled with the Ukulele Kids program.
– Toronto Parent

My husband and I sang was really fun. It’s a really happy and sociable instrument and we’re really grateful to you for sharing your passion for it.
– Toronto Parent

Colin is really looking forward to ukulele again this year. He took his uke to camp with him
this summer.
– East York Parent

Thank you for a wonderful fall term. Lily really enjoyed it, as did I! We will look forward to the
New Year and more ukulele!
– East York Parent

Thanks for a great concert Geoff! The kids sounded great.
– Toronto Parent

Thanks for your effort in helping the kids' Christmas concert. We are very proud of them. We, as parents, enjoy the performance very much.
– East York Parent

I will be registering Rosalia again... Thank you for a wonderful time....she is so enjoying.
– Toronto Parent

Ojus loves to play his Ukulele and would like to continue the program. Thanks for the training.
– Toronto Parent

I have signed up my son Evan once again for the Winter session - he really enjoyed the first session last term.
– East York Parent

I'm so excited that they'll be performing at the concert. Please tell me that Ukulele lessons will be offered in the New Year?
– Toronto Parent

I was wondering if you guys were coming back for the second term, Marques really enjoyed himself.
–East York Parent

Thank You So Much! Alicia is very happy to know that you guys are willing to sponsor her and she will keep on practicing God Bless You all for making her dream come true... You made our little girls dreams come true…
- A. Vasquez – Pringdale Garden Public School Parent


What Schools Are Saying…

We loved the program and thought it went very well. I believe it was well received by the students and parents.Your instructors were very polite and professional. We are certainly open to doing this again next year.

Take care. 
 - Dennis Romanet - Vice Principal - Artesian Drive Public School

"Thanks so much Tim for a beautiful performance! The children were amazing!
 - Devia Catania - Principal, St. Bernadette Catholic

I have been very impressed with the program here at Harrison. The enthusiasm and energy that you and your staff brought into our school when the program began was remarkable. You managed to capture an audience of 220 children during your promotional visit by sharing fun music that everyone could relate to. Your company was able to accommodate a variety of age groups by bringing in skilled and quality instructors to deliver the program. The bright and colourful instruments are carried proudly to school every Wednesday by students in the program. Last year, during our Grade 6 Graduation a group of students planned and performed a song together and three of them were playing their ukuleles! This was all done on their own initiative. Ukulele Kids has introduced a new skill for many of our students which is something they will be able to expand upon and develop for a lifetime!

Janet Ricciardelli
Harrison P.S.

Thanks for all of your hard work. It’s been a pleasure having your program
at our school.
– East York Council Chair

Karen had wonderful things to say about the program and gave me some background information …to meet with you and discuss anything I can do to support the program and a schedule.
– Toronto Vice Principal

Thanks for your dedication in helping to foster a love of music performance in our students!
– Toronto Music Teacher

The ukulele performances went very well. It was great to see the kids up there really getting into it. Parents were especially pleased. I think it would be beneficial to have the program again in the fall. Parents have expressed an interest in having their children continue on with the lessons.
– Scarborough Principal

Sounds good Geoff! Great performance last week!
– Toronto Principal

Appreciate your flexibility Geoff. We are a busy school but programs like yours are so valuable to that holistic education.
– Scarborough Principal

That is amazing!! I am so happy! I can add a section in the newsletter that goes home tomorrow about the kindergarten students being able to participate and still register.
– East York Principal

The winter session sounds good. The program has been a big hit and I know the parents really enjoyed the performance on Thursday.
– Toronto Principal

I would be happy to offer it again in the fall. Thanks for working with me for the tea...the feedback was great!
– East York Principal

The School Council members are all for the program! All the parents and staff are pleased to have you join our school community.
– North York Teacher

“The Ukulele is a fun and easy instrument to learn for people of all ages. In both the Community Centre setting and Retirement Residence settings, this program has enabled many seniors to learn a new instrument in an engaging and fun manner. People in their 80 and 90’s can and have learned to play this instrument! The best part is singing along while they play the songs they know and love.”

Pat Earl
Adult 55+ Recreation
Oak Ridges Community Centre

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