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Our Vision


Ukulele Kids is dedicated to sparking children's interest and love of music through hands-on discovery while playing the ukulele and singing.

Our Mission

 The Ukulele Kids mission is to develop a love and understanding of music in children so that they: ·

  • enjoy the activities of singing and playing an instrument;
  • learn through participation;
  • connect musical knowledge to their world.

Ukulele Kids Vision Statement

Our vision is every child actively engaged in the enjoyment and understanding of music. Our next generation deserves the opportunity to view music as relevant, fun and something that every one of us - even the youngest - can participate in anywhere in the world.

Our Core Values

The Ukulele Kids core values guide the way we develop and deliver our curriculum, work with our students and parents, engage our staff, and develop collaborations with boards of education. In our day-to-day efforts, our six core values define the manner in which we operate.

Passion and Inspiration

We are passionate about inspiring children to experience a sense of enthusiasm about music and gain a real understanding about how it affects the world around them.

Professional and Ethical Excellence

We treat everyone with fairness, honesty, integrity, patience, understanding and trust. We respect the views of our colleagues, customers, supporters and partners and always consider these in the decisions we make. We are committed to continuous improvement and to satisfying our customers with innovative, high quality programs.

Diversity and Community

As a Canadian Not-For Profit Organization, we value the diversity of our country and recognize the need to make our programs affordable and accessible to all. We strive to include all students regardless of their socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic, geographic or academic profile. Each locally-driven Ukulele Kids branch aims to build relationships that address the specific needs of that community, recognizing the critical role the community plays in advancing and strengthening music education.

Creating an Engaging Environment

We are committed to providing a fun and engaging environment both in the classroom and in the work environment. We aim to foster learning among students so that they not only learn concepts but strive to learn more. In our work environment, we nurture and celebrate success - both personally and professionally - and encourage and support a harmonious balance between the work and personal lives of our CHORD-inators, Ed-UKE-ators and Administrators.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We foster a culture of teamwork that encourages mutual support, open and honest collaboration and sharing of ideas, both internally and externally. We put Ukulele Kids first and recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cultivating Partnerships

We actively encourage partnerships to support the Ukulele Kids vision. We value contributions of ideas, materials and resources - all of which help us to further the mission of Ukulele Kids. We work together in relationships of mutual benefit and trust.



Ukulele Big Kids

UkebigkidslogoAdults love the ukulele as much as the kids. We have many adult programs such as seniors residences, corporate team building, corporate lunch time programs, adult sing-a-longs, teacher training etc. Learn More...

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