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Pitch Pipes vs. Tuners

The pitch pipe is a little wind instrument that plays the sound for each string which must be matched by the user to tune the ukulele. The digital tuner clips on to the head of the ukulele and reads the vibrations of the string being tuned. As the string is being adjusted it indicates on (yet another) screen whether the pitch is too high or too low. When the pitch for that string is right, the display turns green. It can be used in noisy environments and does not require the user to match the indicated pitch by ear as does the pitch pipe.
Keeping a ukulele in tune is very important in order to make practice meaningful and enjoyable.
In the front of the Ukulele Kids songbook there is a Parent Guide that offers a couple of websites with tuning functions.
These play the actual sound of each ukulele string making it easier to match by ear than matching to a pitch pipe's sound. One is: www.get-tuned.com/ukulele_tuner.php
So if you use the internet, tuner, or pitch pipe, playing a ukulele that is in tune is a happy, rewarding experience.
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Pitch Pipes vs. Tuners

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